Paper Video: Instant access to an extra teacher.

Rethinking the entire marketing site from the ground-up, to help promote this innovative platform more effectively, and improve education in South Africa.


Paper Video uses innovation and technology to dramatically increase the reach of educational lessons by teachers in South Africa. Founded by Chris Mills and Paul Maree in 2014, the platform hosts the country’s biggest collection of educational videos and resources for high school students, across multiple subjects.

Drafteq was brought onboard to help simplify a complex purchasing process. Our team worked on extensive checkout flows and then proceeded to wireframe and design the rest of the marketing website. It was a joy to work with such a passionate and energetic team of people at Paper Video.


UX Process

The platform offers a wealth of content across multiple mediums. Users can purchase old exam papers and subject maps in print and digital formats, across different subjects, and for multiple students. In addition, they can purchase a SD card to access video content on their phones to save data. Due to this complexity, our main focus was to make purchasing a simple and painless procedure. To avoid overwhelming users, we broke it down by child, subject and resource in a wizard mechanism, exposing the relevant sections when needed. We also created landing pages for different subjects and for each target audience.

High fidelity wireframes of PaperVideo site

"Drafteq is both passionate about design as well as organised in their project management. The Drafteq team were committed to understanding and accurately portraying our products and services. It was a pleasure working with them."

Chris Mills

Co Founder, PaperVideo

Website Designs

Paper Video has a well-established brand and identity which we wanted to respect when designing their website. We made use of their existing colour palette and fun illustrations, incorporating visual examples of the product in action through photography and videos. We made sure that there was a consistent experience across print and digital by carrying across the colours from the printed materials to web. Our designs were responsive, so they could easily be carried across to mobile devices.

Macbook showcasing the PaperVideo site
Multiple final designs of PaperVideo stie

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