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Refining and boosting the user experience and design of Yoco, making it an attractive go-to solution for South African merchants. 


Yoco is an exciting South African startup that provides merchants with a mobile point of sale and card acceptance solution. The service includes a mobile application and a card reader which plugs into your mobile device, or connects to it via bluetooth. The Cape Town based company is growing significantly and taking big strides in the South African mobile space.

Yoco approached us with a great product that they wanted to take a step further with excellent user experience (UX). They initially asked for help on their website which then extended to their iOS app, Android app, merchant portal, marketing site, merchant stories and pilot site. We helped fill to gaps in the UX and improved the visual communication in order to make the experience more intuitive for the user.

iOS & Android

Design Process

The process began with workshops to brainstorm and prototype an intuitive sign up process, making it super easy for merchants to join the service. Yoco was able to see the immediate benefit of this work and requested our help in applying this same polish throughout the rest of their applications.

Mobile Design Process

Custom Iconology

We made use of custom iconology and pop-ups to better communicate to the user when background system activity was taking place.

Iconology Reader
Reader States

Mobile Designs

Yoco provided a great starting point with an existing iOS app. We helped polish the UI and maintain consistency across mobile devices. Our involvement on the Android app was more extensive with a complete UI design, as well as working on complex UX flows such as checkout.

iOS Mobile Designs
Android Mobile Designs
Android Mobile Designs

"drafteq has had our back since before we launched. They jumped in wherever we needed help, from our marketing website and user on-boarding process right through to our mobile apps and business portal. We could not have found a better partner and we highly rate their UI + UX skills."

Lungisa Matshoba

Co-Founder & Director of Yoco

Marketing & Pilot Site

Communicating Yoco’s services to consumers and businesses is critical to their success. We helped craft responsive websites that showcase the end-to-end product experience and the benefits of using Yoco.

Marketing & Pilot Site

Merchant Portal

Yoco’s clients need real-time access to their transactional data. We helped design a merchant portal which gives merchants insight into financial data such as average transaction value and top monthly customers.

Merchant Portal

Merchant Stories Landing Pages

Nothing sells a product like customer success. We designed these personalised and visual story landing pages to help showcase the outstanding success Yoco has had with small and medium sized businesses in South Africa. 

Merchant Stories Landing Pages
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