SupaStaff: Simple Employee Management.

Crafting an energetic brand and personality for SupaStaff, helping to make managing employees a more fun, pleasurable experience.


SupaStaff is an online service that removes the hassle of managing casual employees in South Africa. The service takes care of managing payslips, contracts, UIF and assisting with information on employment legalities.

SupaStaff approached us to help them create a straightforward experience that would allow users to complete tasks effortlessly. They also wanted to introduce some personality into what are often perceived as rather tedious processes. We developed a personality for the brand which was fun and quirky, stemming from the development of characters that helped demonstrate key points of service. We implemented this design across the SupaStaff website and application.


Overview Logo

Logo Development

We worked on several iterations of the SupaStaff logo, all centred around super hero iconology and a strong 'S' formation. These are some earlier versions.

Logo Develoment

Final Logo

The final logo maximises the super hero feel, whilst maintaining a professional approach with clean, modern typography and a bright colour palette.

Final SupaStaff Logo

Colour Palettes

We put together a bright, harmonious colour palette to enhance the positive, playful nature of the website.

Colour Palletes

Character Development

We took a fresh approach to representing employee management and developed characters who represent categories of casual employees. We customised existing illustrative resources and integrated them to form part of the SupaStaff brand.

Character Development

Web Design

We helped design a site that communicates the key features of SupaStaff as well as the benefits to potential users. The design is brought to life with colourful banner sliders, presenting critical information about the service.

  • Web Design Banner
  • Web Design Banner
  • Web Design Banner
  • Web Design Banner
Web Design Page

Application Design

Employers are able to perform a wide range of tasks using the SupaStaff application. These include viewing payslips and bank details, setting up UIF, managing employee terms, downloading important legal documentation and more. We designed a clean, simple interface to help make these tasks effortless.

Application Design